Kimora Lee Simmons

Inventor of Baby Phat

Her Life

Kimora started her career when she was 13 at a modeling agency. Karl Lagerfeld signed her into a contract for Chanel Paris. she was dubbed on of the "four Karlettes". After launching her brand Baby Phat, she was on of the judges on America's Next Top Model in season 1. She married Russle Lee who she became business partners with. She had two daughters with him:Aoki Lee and Ming Lee. She and her husband made divorce final in 2006 saying that they'd been separated for a while but were living together. She then dated Djimon Hounsou. The press reported her being pregnant with his baby. She denied this and a month later they were divorced. In 2004 russel sold his share of the company to the Kellwood company for $140 million dollars. He then retired. Kimora, being the creative director of Phat Farms was made into the president and creative director of all things Phat Farm. Her two kids are in Phat Farm and Baby Phat modeling for the kids' clothing line.